Rocket 3F

Rocket 3F is Free Windows based Polygonal Modeller for Concept Artists and Designers.

Modeling with Rocket 3F is like drawing - very Simple and Inspiring!

The Most important feature of Rocket 3F is Workflow!

It is Fast Fun and Friendly!

Fast, Fun and Friendly!

These words are the Best way to describe Philosophy of Rocket 3F!


To catch our ideas we need very fast tool.
Rocket 3F was made to have the Fastest workflow!


Sometimes we have no fresh ideas or inspiration.
Positive environment of Rocket 3F will lighten your mood!



Friendly environment is key to comfortable work.
With Rocket 3F you will concentrate only on your Art!


These models were created using Rocket 3F!

User Interface!

Rocket 3F has 4 inspiring themes!
Also, you can create your own themes by changing everything!!!

Colored Dark!

Monochrome Dark!

Colored Light!

Monochrome Light!


Rocket 3F has very unique workflow!
You can perform all operations only with mouse buttons!
No need anymore for windows, menus, tabs, etc...

For example you can perform Extrude in 1D by activating Extrude Tool and drag selection with Right Mouse Button!

Or you can perform Extrude Along Normals by draging selected with Middle Mouse Button!

Tap Caps Lock while Extruding to use Individual Polygon Grouping.
All tools are Sticky! It means they works till you hold hotkey pressed! Or you can activate them permanently by click Button or Tap hotkey!

Push Pull!

Yes! Rocket 3F can make it with Polygons!
It is like Extrude on Steroids!
Now, your modeling process will be much more faster!

You can Push selected polygons!

And get this! In one CLICK!!!

This time, you can Pull selected polygons again!

And get this! In one CLICK!!!

Crease Tool!

Get total control over your edges with ultimate unique Crease tool!
You can change amount of Creasing at any time, no need any more to create a lot of additional edges! 

Start from subdivided object!

Than Crease edges with amount you need!

Or even perform non linear Creasing!

Draw Mesh Tool!

Perform very complex Retopology in few clicks by drawing it!
You can draw Retopology or even any over geometry!

Start from drawing geometry you need!

Then create Topology from your Drawings!

Pattern Selection

Rocket has so many unique selection tools!
Check for example - Pattern Selection!

3 seconds deal!

Piece of cake!

Nothing is impossible!

Even, Space Invaders!


Rocket 3F has very cool Render that is super simple and at the same time very powerful! You can use Materials or Matcaps.
We implemented large library of Materials and MatCaps! But, you always can create your own Materials aor Matcaps!

We optimized our Render for composing! Rocket 3F has Shadow Catcher, you can render only edges, only Ambient Occlusion, only Shadows, etc... Than compose everything in your favorite Drawing software!

This is how it may looks after Composing!
Everything is very simple only couple of clicks!


With Rocket 3F you can Sculpt!
R3F, has brushes like Move, Pull, Inflate, Pinch, etc...
All the necessary tool you need to start sculpting!

You can sculpt on any topology, Triangles, Quads or N-Gons!
Just create Primitive and start to sculpt on it!

You can Sculpt complete objects or just add Organic feel to any other objects!
Or you can use Sculpting Brushes to create basic shapes for further modeling!

Quick Render

Quick Render allows you to see immediately how your model looks like during your work.

Some times, during work your model may looks like this! Hard to get an idea how it looks like :)
To see how your model looks like, you have to: hide edges on unselected objects, disable transparency on unselected objects, hide symmetry plane, hide splines, hide grid, enable Ambient Oclusion, etc, etc, etc...

We have better solution!!!
In one click you will see how your model looks like, it is - Quick Render!!!
This tool is sticky, you can press hotkey and while you keep it pressed you can navigate viewport to see how your model looks like and after you release button you will back to work!!!
And!!! It works with Instant Ambient Oclusion!!!

You can activate Quick Render permanently, in separate viewports, vertically or horizontally in two, three or four views!

Rcoket 3F, also has Silhouette option!

Like all tools it is also Stiky!

Hard Edge Objects.

Rocket 3F has special types of objects that is called Hard Edge Objects!
If you model something without using SubDivision than you have to use this kind of objects to enable CAD like shading.

As you can see all Hard Edges are black! And all other edges are grey!
You can set or change Hard Edges manually creating cool looking model!

And this is how this model looks on Quick Render!
As you can see only Hard Edges are Rendered!
All other edges are hiden!


Rocket 3F has Bridges with Blender, MoI 3D, 3D Coat and Keyshot!

With Bridges you can exchange your models with other Software!

With KeyShot!

With MoI 3D!

With 3D Coat!


We implemented very unique way to manage objects!
No need to use Explorer or Layers anymore!

You can continue to use oldschool messy Explorer or you can try our new Hierarchy tool! 
You connect Children to its Parent in one click! Than you can manipulate Parents, for example transform Parent will transform its Children! You can enable/disable red arrows to see hierarchy!

With our Hierarchy tool you can manage Super Complex Objects using only viewport! For example you can Double click Parent to select him and all its Children, you can disable hierarchy, you can Hide or Isolate Hierarchy, you can Clone Hierarchy, etc, etc... This is how looks like Hierarchy of this Gun!


In Rocket 3F, there are thousands of tools, that came from NVil!
Also! You can create your own tools without knowing any script language.
It is simple with Rocket 3F!

This is window of StreamLine Tools.
Here you can assign any tool to mouse buttons!!!
To work only with mouse without menus.

This is window of Composite Tools.
Here you can create complex tools by combining different tools and even Composite Tools.
Also you can use expressions like IF, AND, OR...
So you can create custom tools that you need only with UI, without learning any Programing Language!


Some more videos about Features!


Save your time!
Model with smart tools!


Unique technique was developed
To work with objects Hierarchy.


Get total control over Creased Edges!
Even perform non-linear Creasing!


User Interface is like a face,
We made it nice and friendly!

Draw Mesh!

Retopology never was so easer!
Boost your workflow!


Rcocket 3F has connections with:
MoI 3D, 3D Coat and KeyShot.


Your unsubdivided objects,
Will look really great!


It is like immediate, Instant Render!
You can Preview Model or Silhouette.


Control tools only by mouse buttons!
All tools can work in Sticky Mode!

And many more...

Rocket 3F has so many features!
Check this video to get an idea!

Basic v.1!

Basic v.1!

For Freelancers, Designers, etc...

Rocket 3F:

Life Time Licence: Yes
Subscription: No

Customize UI: No
Change Hotkeys: 
Customize Tools: No

Price: FREE!!!

Pro v.1!

Pro v.1!

For Professional modelers...

Rocket 3F: Full!!!

Life Time Licence: Yes
Subscription: No

Customize UI: Yes
Change Hotkeys: 
Customize Tools: Yes

Price: 155 EUR 79 EUR